Chayora: Hyperscale Data Centres in China

Chayora is a world-class data centre operator and infrastructure developer with a primary focus on building and operating data centres in multiple locations in China. Chayora enables companies to effectively access the vast and rapidly developing Chinese market. We provide the fastest, most reliable and assured route to your business engagement in China.

Fully licensed Data Centre Campuses

Chayora operates hyperscale, fully licensed data centre campuses in key locations across China. Our sites in Tianjin (serving Greater Beijing) and Taicang (serving Greater Shanghai) have fully provisioned power from the grid and renewable sources, and are fibre connected to world-class standards – enabling access to the vast Chinese online market.

Why Choose Chayora

Can your supplier deliver on your commitments?

Are the costs you pay predictable and easy to manage?

Are you confident that your data centre is fully licensed and permitted… and this is documented?

How important is it that your supplier is safety conscious and protects the lives of its employees?

Does your data centre supplier have green credentials?

When your business grows can your supplier scale you to any size inside China and globally?

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