Oliver Jones Chayora CEO

Oliver Jones is a cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of Chayora.

Jonathan Berney Chayora COO

Jonathan Berney is a cofounder and Chief Operating Officer of Chayora.

Steven Cao Chairman Chayora China

Chairman, Chayora China

Steven Cao is experienced in the energy business and is Chairman of Chayora China.

Teresa Shi Chayora CFO

Teresa Shi has a solid background in corporate finance and is CFO of Chayora.

Non-Executive Chairman

Randy Brouckman is non-Executive Chairman of Chayora Limited

Thomas Liu Chayora Non-Exec Director/Actis Investor

Non-Executive Director

Thomas was a founding member of Standard Chartered’s Principal Finance Real Estate group

Non-Executive Director

Jim Ousley is a non-Executive Director of Chayora Limited

Non-Executive Director

Kelvin is Managing Director for EdgeConneX in the Asia-Pacific Region

Exec VP Network & Strategy


Executive VP Sales, China